How do We Buy Houses for Cash in Austin, TX

we buy houses for cash
We Buy Houses for Cash

At 512.Investments, LLC we buy houses for cash, you won’t have to worry about repairs, showings, or even cleaning. It gets even better with the fact that we pay closing costs. The process is as easy as ABC. The icing on the cake is that the whole process is fast because deals close quickly, and you get paid for your house in cash.

Our Austin House Buyer team has years of combined experience, extensive real estate market knowledge, and we buy houses for cash on a regular basis. All of these factors make it easy for us to provide exceptional opportunities for home sellers. We take great pride in conducting business in a professional, honest, and friendly manner.

What Makes House Buyers Texas Unique

  1. Offers Based on Current Market Value – We’ll first compare your cash offer side by side with what the open market may offer. With this information in hand, you’re less likely to sell for cash and later regret how you sold your house at a throw-away price. In a nutshell, we offer fair deals when buying houses with cash. 
  2. Empathy – We know how it feels to have to sell your home fast in the wake of sudden financial difficulties. We’ve bought hundreds of houses over the years from homeowners looking to get back to their feet after financial problems, so trust us – we identify with what you’re going through. We’ve been there before ourselves. That is why we’ll make you an offer good enough to match what other homes from your area sell for in a similar condition.
  3. Impressive Track Record – Our record speaks for itself. Over the years, we’ve made a name for ourselves as a trusted solution for people selling their homes for cash after hitting a financial bump. With a transparent process designed to get the most out of your home, you can be sure you’re good hands with us as your cash home buying experts.
  4. Professionalism – We treat each homeowner that comes as our way seriously. We don’t take it for granted that you trust us to help you out. If anything, we consider such trust as a privilege. Throughout the process, we’ll be with you from the moment you contact us to the moment we close the deal.
  5. We Explore Your Options – Yes, selling to us for cash is an option, but it’s certainly not the only option you have. We’ll explore how else we can help you in your situation other than buying your home. Our main aim is to come up with a win-win situation. The beauty of having us on board is that we’ll involve you in each process, so you get to know exactly what’s happening. Whether you need Credit Repair Services or need a good Real Estate Agent. Or perhaps a good general contracting service to help with repairs. We have your back.

Check Out the Following FAQ To Avoid “We Buy Houses” Scams

To protect yourself from the predatory approach of  “we buy houses” scam, take a look at the list of questions about proper investor behaviors as well as their answers. By being well-informed, you can maintain your financial security and save yourself time by ensuring that you’re working with a legitimate investor.

Do you have any proof that their company exists?

One surefire way to avoid falling victim to a cash for houses scam is to verify whether the cash home buyer actually has a legitimate company. A simple Google search will likely tell you whether the company exists at all, whether the website looks professional, and whether the contact information for the company is correct.

Is the buyer foreign?

Unfortunately, a person claiming to be from another country is common when it comes to “we buy houses for cash” scams. If a buyer exists outside of the US and they want to purchase the property without seeing it (or having a representative see it), this is a massive red flag.

While there are plenty of legitimate foreign buyers, it’s not out of the ordinary to have scam buyers claim that they’re from Canada, China, or somewhere in Europe.

Is the company a little too eager to buy your house?

It’s relatively easy to sniff out a “we buy houses for cash” scam when the buyer acts far too eager to buy the property. If he or she does not ask any questions about the home, doesn’t want to see the home, but still insists that they want to purchase the property, you’ve likely got a scam on your hands.

Does the buyer seem to be taking a blind leap?

When a potential buyer does not request information about the property and does not seem to know very much about the area in which the home is listed, you may be dealing with a cash for houses scam. Any legitimate buyer does not want to risk losing a profit on a property that may be, for all they know, a lost cause.

Does the company keep you waiting?

Buying an investment property is not always a quick process, but if it seems that your potential buyer is wasting your time and making excuses about why they cannot provide you with proof of their financial stability, you may be dealing with a person who is trying to defraud you with a cash for homes scam. If an investor needs time to secure funds, it’s common to be honest and upfront about their situation from the beginning.

Do you understand how the cash for homes process works?

Legitimate investors will have engaged in several deals throughout the existence of their business, so they will know how the cash buying process works. If you’re communicating with an investor who has made an odd request or comment, be wary. If you’re relatively new to selling to real estate investors, it’s a good idea to ask a more experienced real estate seller about your concerns.

Does the money only flow from the buyer to the seller?

During a legitimate sale, money is supposed to flow from the buyer to the seller. Most, if not all, professional real estate investors will not require any fees on the seller’s part. If an investor tries to claim that they need you to pay fees for inspections, offers, closing, processing, or anything of the sort, you’ll want to find a better business to work with.

Though buyers who require fees are not always involved in cash home buying scams, the practice is not an indication that you’re getting the best deal available.


Selling a home to a real estate investor can be an intimidating, yet rewarding decision. There are many reputable cash buyers in any given market, but it’s important to be sure that these are the people you’re working with. Keep an eye out for the behaviors mentioned above so that you can spare yourself the hassle and possible financial burden of getting involved in a “we buy houses for cash” scam.

Be cautious, and if something a potential cash home buyer suggests does not sound right, trust your instinct and consult a more seasoned professional for advice regarding how to proceed.

Staying informed and alert is the best possible way to avoid having to put up with a scammer.

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